Meals on Wheels

The Meals on Wheels program has been delivering hot, nutritious meals to elderly, disabled homebound in Spokane since 1967. The objective of Meals on Wheels is to provide the proper nutrition to those individuals who cannot meet the need on their own. This service allows individuals to remain in their own homes and reduce premature out of home placement. It also allows a patient to leave a hospital, nursing care or rehab earlier, thereby encouraging the convalescing process in the familiar surroundings of the persons own home. This service is available to people of all income levels, age groups, either on a temporary or permanent basis without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, handicap or political affiliation.

Those receiving Meals on Wheels

A survey conducted in 2014 of our Meals on Wheels recipients found that:

92% state volunteers always friendly
94% are satisfied with quality and quantity of meals
98% rate the program very high
54% have 2 or less meals (many consider toast and coffee as a meal)
91% state their health is stabilized or better with the meals
44% rarely eat with anyone
94% state that receiving the meals helps them remain in their homes
31% are over the age of 80
62% live on $1001 or less per month
58% live alone
79% have lived in Spokane for more than 21 years


The Meals on Wheels program serves the City of Spokane and is dedicated to improving the nutritional health of the areas elderly and disabled homebound population. Our service helps preserve dignity and independence by delaying nursing home placements, as well as reducing the frequency of hospitalizations and improves physical health through meeting nutritional needs.

Volunteers who make deliveries to these individuals serve as gatekeepers, providing safety checks and emotional and social support. Family members have peace of mind in knowing that if their loved one is not at home for a delivery our office will contact them.


Meals on Wheels Informational Brochure (PDF)

Meals on Wheels provides hot, nutritious meals to elderly and disabled individuals living within the Spokane City limits who are homebound, unable to provide or prepare nutritious meals and meet vulnerability criteria such as not being able to perform daily activities including eating, dressing, bathing, shopping, cooking and driving.

The program primarily serves those 60 years or older, however, we will serve those under 60 who meet the eligibility requirements. Individuals under the age of 60 pay $4.00 per meal. We have programs to assist with this cost. If you are under 60 please discuss your ability to pay with the Intake Specialist when you call. Services are available for those convalescing following hospital discharges.


View the current Meals on Wheels Spokane monthly menu

Menus are planned under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian. Each meal provides one third of the Recommended Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and adheres to federal meal pattern requirements.

The meals are then packed into insulated bags and coolers to insure that they are kept at the proper temperature during delivery. Meals include a meat entree, vegetables, fruit, potato or pasta, bread, dessert, and 2%milk or juice.

Hot meals are delivered Monday thru Friday between 10:45 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. depending on the size and location of the delivery route. The recommended donation for a hot meal is $3.50. For clients under 60 the cost is $4.00.

Frozen meals are delivered to those requesting assistance on weekends and are also delivered for Holidays when the Meals on Wheels Spokane office is closed. Frozen meals are delivered weekly on Tuesdays. The recommended donation for a frozen meal is $3.00. For clients under 60 the cost is $4.00.

We serve Ensure and Carnation Plus. The Diabetic Boost supplement is available to individuals over 60 years of age who have a prescription from their Physician.

We have Ensure and (diabetic) Glucerna in all flavors strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The Ensure donation is $22.00 and the (diabetic) Glucerna donation request is $34.00

Home Delivered Meals on Wheels outside of the City Limits of Spokane

  • Spokane Valley: (509) 924-6976
  • Cheney: (509) 235-6196
  • Deer Park: (509) 993-2441
  • Spokane County/Spokane Regional Health District:
    (509) 324-1500

How to Apply for the Meals on Wheels Program
To apply or make a referral for Meals on Wheels, call us at (509) 456-6597 and ask for the Intake Specialist. It takes about 10 minutes to apply with the average start up of two working days. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 3:00pm. We are closed all Major Holidays.

Dog and Cat Food
Meals on Wheels delivers cat and dog food to our Meals on Wheels recipients. We deliver cat and dog food the first and third Saturday of each month. This extra day provides us the opportunity for an additional check in on the well being of our seniors.

Meals on Wheels Delivers Pet Food
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Meals on Wheels Program Manager
RaMona Pinto

We delivered over 78,000 meals while also serving over 15,000 lunches to seniors still able to come to Mid City Senior Center.
Meals on Wheels Menu
Birthday Bag Program
We have a birthday bag program going on where our volunteers deliver a small bag and handmade card to our seniors on their birthdays.