Menus are planned under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian. Each meal provides one third of the Recommended Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and adheres to federal meal pattern requirements.

The meals are then packed into insulated bags and coolers to insure that they are kept at the proper temperature during delivery. Meals include a meat entree, vegetables, fruit, potato or pasta, bread, dessert, and 2% milk or juice.

Every meal is only $4 and can save a senior's life. To donate or pay for a meal is as easy as pressing the Donate link above!


Hot meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 10:45 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. depending on the size and location of the delivery route. The recommended donation for a hot meal is $3.50. For clients under 60 the cost is $4.00.

frozen meals

Frozen meals are delivered to those requesting assistance on weekends and are also delivered for Holidays when the Meals on Wheels Spokane office is closed. Frozen meals are delivered weekly on Tuesdays. The recommended donation for a frozen meal is $3.00. For clients under 60 the cost is $4.00.


We serve Ensure, Carnation Plus and Carnation Instant Breakfast. The Diabetic Boost supplement is available to individuals over 60 years of age who have a prescription from their Physician.

We have Ensure and (diabetic) Glucerna in all flavors strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. The Ensure donation is $22.00 and the (diabetic) Glucerna donation request is $34.00.