Waffles4Wheels is a fundraising event for Meals on Wheels Spokane and a celebration of the locally-owned and operated restaurants in our community.  It seems to us that they share a common mission: To feed bodies and nurture souls.

The heart of every home is the kitchen, so it makes sense that great restaurants are at the heart of every community.  Every day, our local chefs and restaurateurs graciously serve meals infused with equal parts ancestry and artistry.  As paints are to the painter, food is the medium of the chef.  Unlike other artists, they create their own galleries in which to display their art, blessing us with an eclectic assortment of vibrant eateries where we gather together to enjoy family, friends, and community.

When passion comes from a place of love, great things happen – just ask a small-business owner!  It’s with the same love and passion that drives them to create and serve us, that our Spokane-area Restaurateurs invite you to join them for Waffles4Wheels!

During the week of March 8th – 14th, participating restaurants will offer a special dish (or dishes), from which a portion of the purchase price will be donated directly to Meals on Wheels Spokane.  Guests of each restaurant may also add an additional donation of their choosing at select locations.