Great Pumpkin Race

saturday, october 27, 2018

READY, SET, GO! Gather your family and friends and get your little pumpkins to the Great Pumpkin Race. Enjoy the Cannon Hill neighborhood in full fall colors as Madison Avenue is transformed into a side-by-side Pumpkin race, where creativity runs wild. Dress in colorful costumes, enjoy fun activities for all ages, make your own Pumpkin Race-car and feel the thrill of competing in the fun-spirited Great Pumpkin Race. Fun for the whole family, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and volunteers.

Please scroll down for race information and pumpkin rules.

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Great Pumpkin Race Information:

Welcome to Spokane’s annual Great Pumpkin Race. What makes it great is you! Your help, your participation, your laughs, your squeals, your cheers and even your groans.

  • Because time and space are limited, please arrive and register early enough to ensure your pumpkin a place in the race - not to mention the goodies mentioned above.
  • Even though the race starts at noon, registration opens at eleven.
  • At registration, children will be asked their first name and the name, if any, of their pumpkin. Kids who decline this information will simply be announced as “number 44".

Important: Respect the neighborhood that hosts this event. Do not block driveways or cause a nuisance. This is a public event with media welcome. If you participate you will likely be photographed or otherwise recorded.


Pumpkin Rules:

  1. Pumpkin must be under 12 pounds, excluding wheels and chassis. Pumpkins may be hollowed out to meet weight. All manner of kid-appropriate dressed pumpkins welcome.
  2. Pumpkin must be attached to wheels with screws or bolts or other means that penetrate and tightly secure the pumpkin to the wheels. All pumpkins must pass the  “wobble” test in order to race. No rogue pumpkins!
  3. Pumpkins will be gravity powered only. No assists of any kind allowed.
  4. Pumpkins may not include flammable or hazardous materials of any kind.


Thank you to all of our 2017 Great Pumpkin Race Sponsors!